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What are causes for Cancer and Leukaemia ?

Let us see some of the Physical & Esoteric causes for Cancer and Leukaemia .

Cancer is a proliferation of immature (abnormal) cells.

Some tumours are called Cancers because the cells are dead.

On the physical level, they can occur if destructive products such as radioactive dust (affecting the thyroid, lungs, or digestive tract), faecal bacteria, or chemicals (statins) are ingested in the air ( Chemtrails) , GMO food or by drugs that destroy tissues near the site.

Continuous exposure to EMF Radiation from Cellular Towers, Mobiles & wireless Gadgets are major contributors human carcinogenesis & various kinds of Cancers .

On Esoteric level, in any of the cases of Cancer if Tumor or Leukaemia , it is externally associated with etheric / astral Parasites .

In addition to these exceptions, cancer is always associated with an external astral cyst that draws energy from the human body to the point that the cells, from lack of energy, can no longer reproduce identically and become anarchic cells.

This cyst forms as a result of a physical or emotional shock.

When it begins to form, it appears as a mass of light blue color on the etheric body or pale pink color on the emotional body, depending on the nature of the shock. It feeds on the energies of trauma, sustained and renewed by a kind of conditioned reflex DNA program or causal body.

Its development is therefore not related to contamination or food, but to human life. It develops only in the discomfort and renewal of the energy of the initial trauma. As it grows, this outer cyst elongates at a certain point toward the physical body. Then, when it reaches it, it forms roots that develop and gradually expand in the body.

Whether of etheric or emotional origin, it begins to turn red when it draws energy from the blood, and becomes darker and darker as it grows.

It grows by feeding on the vital ether of cells, that reproductive energy that reproduces cells in the identical way when previous cells die naturally. The roots of the cyst elongate according to sensitive areas and programmed DNA weaknesses.

When the diameter of the main outer cyst approaches 50 cm, it vampirizes the vital ether of the area affected by the roots to the point that cells no longer reproduce identically and anarchic cell proliferation begins.

The extent of the cancer is the extent of the cyst roots.

Generalized Cancer is caused by several cysts or a huge cyst whose roots are spread all over the place. When you are terminally ill, an astral cyst is almost as big as a person.

Some doctors have noticed a weakening of energy in the area and recommend that cancer patients overeat to compensate for this. This technique slows its progression.

Cancers develop as a result of emotional or physical upheaval and settle in physical places: either predisposed by DNA memory or in vibrational harmony with a type of trauma.

For Example :

  • Breast cancer : Disappointment with love for a person causes a weakening of the right arm (emotional frame), increasing a woman's risk of right breast cancer. If a woman felt guilty about a love problem, the cancer is more likely to be located in the left breast.

  • Prostate Cancer : If he is a man who is frustrated and disappointed with a woman, he will develop right-sided prostate cancer more easily, and if he blames himself for not being on equal footing, he will develop prostate cancer more easily on Left side.

  • Leukaemia : Leukaemia generally known as Blood Cancer can develop when cancer has already been diagnosed and devastating treatment is ongoing. The black spider-like parasite attaches to the spine at three points (lower, middle, upper), causing three pain points that can be well felt by humans. It lays its eggs in the bone marrow. The little ones spread through the blood and consume the energy of red or white blood cells

Majority of Oncologist very well know that modern treatment like Surgery or Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy are not the permanent cure for any types of Cancers . The root causes : Etheric / Astral Parasites, can either put to sleep the physical pain caused (analgesics, sleeping pills), or weaken and poison the affected area of the body and indirectly slowing down the parasites with lack of vital energy by chemotherapy or radiation therapy, but cant be killed or removed .

It is possible to destroy this Cyst before it becomes cancerous, or even after it has stopped and allowed the affected tissues to regenerate by Spiritual Healing & Extraction process , conducted by Shamans or Spiritual Healers .

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