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What is Psychic Surgery ?

Updated: Jul 26

What is Psychic Surgery ? Many of you might have seen videos , wherein the healer working with the patients on the table , blood oozing out & tumors / other elements being removed & then the process completes without any scars . This is NOT Psychic Surgery , which we are going to discuss today . Psychic Surgeons are gifted healers that have been blessed with the ability to completely melt or remove cysts, tumors, calcium deposits, pus, energy blockages, etc.. from the body of the patients . They can also help with other serious major diseases from the heart, liver, adrenal, thyroid, etc.. They are also able to supply you with a massive dose of healing energy that is powerful enough to fight your diseases and boost your immune system. Unlike what has happened in modern medicine, Psychic Surgeons do not specialize in any disease. How does Psychic Surgery work ? The Psychic Healer connect with the mind of the patient on the subconscious level , there by conducting the surgery , based on the laws of Quantum Entanglements done on Etheric / Astral levels . They channel their guides during the operation, and it is this powerful spirit that does the work. The spirit simply proceeds to tune the body, removes blockages, and presents unwanted matters at the surface of the body. The healer pick these up and bins them. When the surgery is finished, the body will close and no unsightly scar will be visible. Patient will be able to get up seconds after the treatment finishes and resume your daily activity. How Long Is A Treatment? A genuine Psychic surgeon will work for a few minutes to an hour max , without any anesthesia , without any cut & stitches, without any side effects from a pharmaceutical drug & without any long recovery period . Sadly very few Such Psychic Surgeons are there in this world who provide such works .

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