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Genetic Linage & Ancestral DNA Clearings

*Do you constantly have Health problems?

*Do you constantly have Evil Eyes / Attachment problems?

*Do you constantly have Money problems?

*Are your love life / Relationship not working out?

*Do you find yourself repeating the same Patterns / Events?

*Are you struggling to keep up financially and can’t figure out why things never work out?

~ If you see one or more issues in your life then there are things to ponder.

These are all themes which could indicate Negative Coded Ancestral DNA and Negative Coded Lineage Programming (also known as karma) passed down from your bloodline creating outcomes you do not want.

There are negative emotional charges (Biological Conflict & Negative Programming) passed down from your ancestors through Maternal or Paternal Lineage which create stress, tension, trauma, and anxiety.

Physicist Werner Heisenberg 's Uncertainty Principle states : The act of observing an Event , influences its outcome or destiny . He indicate that the ability to change the physical world is limited once energy has manifested in form . The time to change the form is , before the form has emerged from the formless, before the energy has manifested into matter. Thus many of the Shamanic Healing practices Heals conditions, before old Imprints in the Luminous Energy Field has organised into illnesses or misfortunes .

For example: Imagine your great grandfather owned a bank in 1900 and it failed at the start of the great depression. The negative emotional charge in his body created by the Trauma of Financial Failure could have been passed down to your grandparent, and further down to your own parent, eventually affecting your own body and state of being as Coded Emotional Memory in your nervous system, DNA, your Chakras & Luminous Body.

These Ancestral Traumas could potentially cause your own insecurities and challenges with business matters, struggle with financial independence, and extreme difficulty getting or holding employment.

* Wait there are good news: Don’t be Sad!!!

These Negative Coded Ancestral DNA and Lineage Programming can be cleared out of your DNA, Chakras & Luminous Body. You do not have to suffer or be victim to these types of Negative Programming, Memory, and Trauma any longer. By Clearing out the Coded Memory in your DNA, Chakras & Luminous Body, thereby creating a positive change in your Holographic Field, you can break this cycle for good and also preventing it from being passed down to Future Generations / Children .

Our method of Clearings is done by Expanding Consciousness; we create a Link of Support from the Center of the Universe. With the help of all Great Gurus & Ascended Masters, we go back to the initial point of one’s lineage and clearing from the beginning of time to the end of time, and to also clear all past, current, parallel, and future lifetimes so that the Negative Emotional Event of your Ancestor is no longer Corded to you in this Life Incarnation, nor is it Corded in past, current, parallel, and future lifetimes realities, thereby facilitating the Genetic Linage & Ancestral DNA Clearings.

When a person is cleared of Negative Coded Ancestral DNA and Lineage Programming, Thought Forms, Cords, Attachments, Implants, Hooks, Elementals, Energy Vampires, Parasites, Entities etc we are bringing the client back to their Original Nature.

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