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         We provide Corporate Training Courses , to Upgrade Spiritual Knowledge & Soft Skills , so as to further manage  Financial Issues & develop Physical & Mental Health , Better Life .

  • Why do you think this is necessary ?

       As per the latest Harvard University Research 2020 : “ Well educated people have not bothered to develop their mental faculties resulting to : Communication Gap , Poor listener, degraded Mental Efficiency , Vague Goals, Underdeveloped Skills etc leading to Poor Growth of an Individual & Society ” .

There come our role & Vision , by nurturing , guiding them & building them as better Humans , for better future & evolved  Earth with Spiritual Wisdom .

These Training Courses are conducted on place in Various sectors like : Public Sector , Private Sector, Schools in all over India . We have satisfied clients from all sectors like Banks, Companies, Colleges, institutions, Schools etc from across the country.

We provide Soft Skills & Training on various Spiritual Subjects like :

* Spirituality & Business

* Meditations

* Anger Management

* Stress Management

* Physical / Mental / Spiritual Health

* Spiritual Parenting

* Spiritual Healing etc…….

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Corporate Training Proposal Ppt1 jpg

We provide training as per below packages:

# One Day Course : Course offered on a Specific Topic , for a full day , duration : 4 to 6 hrs.

# Weekly Course : Course offered on Set of selected Topics , for a full week , duration : 1 hr

# Regular Course : Course offered on various Topics per day , every week  for entire year ,duration : 1 hr

For more information contact us , to help you out .

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