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Are diseases caused by Parasites and so-called " Viruses " ?

In the Modern world , majority of all Doctors & patients have a conception that diseases are caused by virus & bacteria , but when you look from the eyes of Shaman or Spiritual Healers , things are different , because they can see what other people can't see or imagine .

The Etheric Energies of Man and the Universe are 12 :

3 chemical ethers, 3 vital ethers, 3 reflective ethers and 3 light ethers.

  • The first Chemical ether is the physical binder. The first gathers atoms to build cells. This allows cells to reconstruct themselves identically (when they die and according to their DNA program).

  • The second Vital ether gathers cells to build organs. Vital ether creates and maintains vitality. This promotes growth, which multiplies cells from sperm to child and from child to adult.

  • The third Reflective ether gathers organs to build the physical body, and is the shell of energy bodies. This connects body and soul and is the energy of life and universal love. Reflective ether powers our reflex systems. The entire human body and the health of every part of it is inscribed in the iris of the eye, thanks to the reflective ether.

  • The fourth Light ether, omnipresent in space, enables action at a distance.

The science that studies these phenomena is called Iridology.

The presence of reflective ether, omnipresent in the universe, makes remote perception possible.

That is why Shaman or Spiritual Healers or a Wandmakers can see all the peculiarities of home on a map from a distance. Every representation of a thing is thus related to it by the presence of the reflective ether.

On earth , Parasites of the physical nature like lice, fleas etc feed on blood or physical particles.

But there are Parasites of etheric nature ( Invisible by common people or medical instruments ) , which feed on the etheric energies of humans and cause diseases that are very difficult to cure, which are attracted & continuously feed on the lower negative energies ( negative thoughts & emotions ) like fear, anger, worry, guilt, hatred, worry, criticism , jealousy , insecurity etc .

For Example :

  • Osteoarthritis parasites (shaped like mini crabs) consume the chemical ether of bones. The bones break down as the particles disperse, causing damage and pain, called osteoarthritis. Simply removing these parasites is enough to stop the degradation and then physically rebuild the bone with natural means (plants).

  • There are various parasites that consume muscle energy, causing fibromyalgia, rheumatism, etc., Others that cause "viral" and other "autoimmune" diseases.

  • All neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis) have a common category of parasites that settle in pockets around the brain and spine and that consume the energy of certain parts of the brain, spinal cord or nervous system. The progression of the disease and the breakdown of the cells depends on the poor condition of the person.

All of these Parasites are ethereal in nature and are invisible to the naked eye and microscopes. They are sensed by clairvoyance and clairaudience and are easily removed by Shaman or Spiritual Healers .

The physical effects of parasites on the cells of the human body can be seen under a microscope. Their vampirizing energetic action on the cells causes "waste" consisting of a set of proteins with a strand of DNA.

Each parasite creates a specific, personal "waste" that constitutes its "signature." Scientists call this "Cellular Waste" or Exosomes as a "VIRUS." 1000 times smaller than bacteria and visible only under an electron microscope, each cellular waste lacks any intelligence and therefore cannot reproduce.

Medicine men or Virologists knows this very well, but notes that this waste multiplies during diseases. So out of lack of understanding (because it does not see the parasites that are the source), it claims that these viruses are the cause of contagion and disease, which is completely impossible.

If viruses were alive, it would be easier to destroy them, and they would be used by the military as weapons which is not true.

It is extremely difficult for medicine to find means of stopping their development, because it is like studying the tracks of a pest on the ground in order to identify the animal in question and be able to destroy it , however its acts as suppressant .

When devices are invented to detect disease-causing Parasites that can be removed without degrading the body, medicine will completely change and become effective (but much less profitable - since it currently makes more profit than banks).

In the same vein, during some diseases, medicine men observes under the microscope the presence of antibodies of the immune system, in the same place where degradation occurs (as during neurodegenerative diseases - Alzheimer's, Parkinson's .

Without seeing the etheric parasites under the microscope that the immune system is trying to fight, they believes that it is the immune system itself that causes the degradation , hence classified all these diseases as autoimmune diseases.

The worst part is that in an attempt to slow the progression of the disease, they destroys the immune system with chemical poisons , which obviously doesn't work to stop the disease. But still not understanding the presence of Etheric or Astral Parasites, it still insists on destroying the (inappropriate and harmful) immune system.

Chemical drugs cannot remove or destroy them.

These Etheric or Astral Parasites, can either put to sleep the physical pain caused (analgesics, sleeping pills), or weaken and poison the affected area of the body and indirectly slowing down the parasites with lack of vital energy by chemotherapy or radiation therapy .

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