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What is Spiritual Healing & How it works ?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Spiritual Healing is an ancient process , previously used by ancient Gurus & Yogis for the welfare of people & place .

It is a systematic process to balances various bodies - physical body, an etheric body, an emotional body, a mental body, a causal body, a spiritual body, a crystal body and a light body of a man, with the help of Divine Cosmic Energy .

Spiritual Healing is always done on Psyche , Brain & Organ Levels .

Man is composed of a physical body, an etheric body, an emotional body, a mental body, a causal body, a spiritual body, a crystal body and a light body. Each is of a different frequency, and they are interwoven with each other without interfering with each other. However, the affections they accumulate act on the corresponding physical area.

For example, a repeated emotional shock (a dispute with a spouse) affects the area of the right shoulder, which is the memory area of the emotional body where this repetitive affection is stored. It makes it sensitive and conducive to the development of cancer in the right breast .

Therefore, the physical body can only be healthy if all the energy bodies are healthy.

The etheric body governs the energies of all the atoms, molecules and organs that make up the physical body. It vibrates faster than the physical body and is entangled in it.

The emotional body governs the emotions and stores them in different ways, in memory areas scattered throughout the body. It vibrates faster than the etheric body and fits into it.

The mental body governs man's thoughts, experiences and learning. It also stores his worries and responsibilities.

The causal body is a body of programs and memories. It stores information from past lives. It stores daily those of the experiences of this present life, notably the shocks and conditionings. The shocks are anchored there in the form of programs or conditioned reflexes. They reproduce the fear caused during the event, each time the circumstances corresponding to the initial shock are renewed.

For example, a child who is pushed into the water and is about to drown registers a fear in the emotional body, a block in the mental body and a program in the causal body. All of this is reawakened every time the child, even as an adult, is in the presence of water. An uncontrolled fear of water renews itself indefinitely, as long as the shock memories and the causal program are still in place.

These programs can also come from past lives because traumas experienced with suffering are still in memory (arrow wounds, hanging rope, poison, etc.). Especially since they can be the cause of death in horrible conditions, and can still affect the present life. Examples: - The memory of death in a dungeon, eaten by rats, causes an uncontrollable phobia of mice in the present life. - The memory of a death by asphyxiation in a gas chamber causes incomprehensible respiratory problems (asthma, irritation, night-time suffocation . A series of deaths by lack of food, causes in this life, a continuous desire for food, by fear of lack (unconscious). To these are added the karmic memories (bad behavior in a past life) that must be rectified in the present life, in order to evolve.

The spiritual body governs all the sciences of the spirit. Spiritual beliefs, beliefs about life, about nature, about the value of things, motivations, life program...

The crystal body is a superior body of sensitivity. It is more or less pure depending on the person, and it allows them to perceive information from a distance. The purer it is, the easier and more intense the perception is, the more information the person captures .

The body of light is a higher body of action. It is a set of energy tubes. Its development depends on the cleansing and the evolution of the person. It can act on matter, directly or at a distance. It can modulate, reconstruct, remove, exchange everything that is energetic, and act on physical matter.

These bodies are on different frequencies, which allows them to be intertwined without interfering with each other.

However, a lesion in a body, a shock, an embarrassment or a displacement of it sensitizes and affects the physical area at the same level. An emotional shock can therefore be the cause of physical pain, weakness or illness in the place where it is stored in memory. A sentimental shock is stored in memory in the heart area. If it is a sentimental disappointment it will settle in the right shoulder. If it is a reproach it will affect the left shoulder. A shock at the time of a work dispute can remain in the throat, if there was "unspoken" or make a knot in the stomach if there is a risk of loss of money to the prejudice of the family .

A Spiritual Healer balances all the above mentioned bodies - physical body, an etheric body, an emotional body, a mental body, a causal body, a spiritual body, a crystal body and a light body , with the help of Divine Cosmic Energy .

Spiritual healing process comprises of checking the bodies, identifying imbalances, blockages, programming, parasites, implants etc , removal of these , repairing of cracks , holes, damages in the bodies ,and infusing Cosmic Energy wherever needed . Specific tools used for these processes are Wands, Crystals, Water / Oil , Amulets, Tantras, etc.

When all the respective , interwoven bodies are clean, well balanced , & restored with proper blue print information , the physical body repairs itself , regenerate & rejenuvate itself , thereby restoring the health of a person.

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