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           Since 2010, by the Grace of our Guru Mahavatar Babaji , our mission has been to help and empower our clients to overcome their particular Family wellness and Life challenges. 


Modern medicine ( Allopathy ) which is not more that 200 years , provides treatment by inducing Chemical into the physical body , which believes in fighting ; example to fight with Viruses, Bacteria , Cancer etc. Also their perception is very reductionistic ; means they break a person into parts, focusing only on those parts .

Contrary Ancient Shamans , Healers , Medicine men which is more that 5000 years tradition, provides treatments by natural ways ,not by fighting 

, but rather creating Balance & Purifications . They considered physical body as a  whole system, knowing how one part influences all other parts and how to bring them all into balance.

Spiritual Healing is an ancient process , No touch and No Drug therapy, previously used by ancient Gurus & Yogis for the welfare of people & places 

It is a systematic process to balances various bodies - physical body, an etheric body, an emotional body, a mental body, a causal body, a spiritual body, a crystal body and a light body of a man, with the help of Divine Cosmic Energy .

Spiritual Healing is always done on Psyche , Brain & Organ Levels .

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Psychic Surgeons are gifted healers that have been blessed with the ability to completely melt or remove cysts, tumors, calcium deposits, pus, energy blockages, etc.. from the body of the patients .

They can also help with other serious major diseases from the heart, liver, adrenal, thyroid, etc..

They are also able to supply you with a massive dose of healing energy that is powerful enough to fight your diseases and boost your immune system. Learn More ........

Mr. Sajit S Pillai , owner of Universal Engineers, has a high experience that we are fully equipped to guide, support and assist you and your family, in achieving the outcomes you desire ,if its illness / Disease or Financial Issues          

Mr. Sajit S Pillai teaches Meditation to school children every week , as a regular faculty to St. Xavier's High School , Ahmadabad , since past 7 years .  

As a certified Spiritual Healer and Psychic Surgeon  , we aim to built your trust and work together in order to develop a customized plan that is both effective and fits your lifestyle.


Get in touch to learn more about our personalized approach and how it can benefit you in terms of Disease or Financial Issues .

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