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Death Rites

Many times in our lives , we face a situation, wherein our loved one are bed ridden , suffering in deep pain , since a long time , without any recovery. At that time it's both difficult for the love ones & it's care taker to tackle the situations .

We would wish , if the person could leave the body , instead of such tramatic long pain & suffering .

Death Rites can be conducted to release the soul from such situations

“ Life ends with the last Breath, just as it begins with the First breath”.

Modern medicine has made incredible technical advances in prolonging life and providing drugs to numb pain, suffering or other discomfort. And yet, for the most part, people are not dying well. By concentrating exclusively on the physical aspects of care giving, western medicine has neglected to address patients’ spiritual and emotional needs. We no longer remember how to die with grace and dignity. Families do not know how to come to closure with the passing of a loved one. Many people die in fear, with unresolved issues, not having said “I love you” and “I forgive you,” words that would be so healing for them and their families.

Many of these issues have prompted us to search for better ways to understand and cope with the problems of death and dying.

Death is the ultimate journey of liberation.

When neural activity ceases and the brain shuts down an extraordinary phenomenon occurs, a portal opens between dimensions, enabling the dying person to enter into the world of Spirit.

When a person has attachments, bondages, and unfinished business in this world, they are unable to step easily through this Dimensional Portal, it becomes high difficult for the soul to leave the physical body .

The great Death Rites practiced by the Shamanic Traditions provide specific steps to bring reconciliation and healing both to the loved ones and to the person dying.

Regardless of where we were born, everyone has a skeleton with the same number of bones. Likewise, we all share the same luminous anatomy, which includes the chakras and the acupuncture meridians. Cleansing the dying person’s chakras helps to set their energetic body free by removing toxic energy accumulated throughout a lifetime as a result of trauma/ karmas.

Another important step in the Death Rites is giving a person permission to die. Many people need to know that there is no reason to worry about the ones who stay behind. Those who do not feel free to leave their loved ones can linger needlessly for months.

Shamans believe the doorway between the dimensions closes forty hours after death, so it is important to perform the Death Rites as soon as possible. This helps the chakras release the luminous threads that once connected the energetic body to events from the past. Following the luminous body will be drawn to exit through any one of the seven chakras. A tremendous surge of energy is felt as the Luminous Energy Field ( Aura ) becomes free of the body.

According to the Eastern scriptures, the aperture through which the soul leaves the body indicates the course of its journey after death. It will exit through the chakra most commensurate with the soul’s level of development. The soul of one who has become united with the Supreme Consciousness in this life exits through a tiny aperture in the Crown of the head. This soul has achieved immortality and has no need to return to earth.

~ Tools Used for Ceremony :

Tools are used to create a peaceful soothing atmosphere that will help the dying person and all present to sense the Divine Presence.

  • LIGHTING: Soft lighting or burning candles can bring feelings of peace and safety.

  • AROMAS: Burning sage, scented candles, incense, fragrance of flowers can have a calming effect.

  • HOLY OBJECTS: Set up an altar and arrange spiritually meaningful articles or pictures on it.

  • MUSIC: Appropriate music will soothe and inspire. Certain instruments of sound, such as drums or bells, are used in many traditions.

  • PRAYER: Oral prayer in keeping with the dying person’s tradition, recitation of psalms, reading of scriptures.

  • SILENCE: Always remember that silence is a very important sound. It is good to remember the value and necessity of simply sitting in silence with the dying person.

Its your duty to help your loved ones , so that they have a peaceful & happy journey towards heaven .

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