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What is Water Treatment ?

We all know that our human body is made up of more than 70% of water as an important elements. The same water becomes, blood, saliva, urine & other juices running in our body, to regulate its relevant functions. Hence water become one of the best medium of treating any illness or diseases.

Have you ever seen or heard, someone getting cured by drinking water given by some Yogi or Guru or Saint? This is best example of Water Treatment used since ancient times for all aspects of life from purification, protection, healing & blessing.

* Water has Memory to store Information & Energy.

* Transference of stored Information & Energy

* Everything in Universe is Energy.

* Change in Energy effects the Physical matter.

A renowned Japanese Dr Masuru Emoto who has conducted various experiments of water claiming that water has Memory. Emoto claims that human speech or thoughts have dramatic effects on water. He claims that, depending on the nature of the speech or thoughts directed at water, when the water is frozen its crystals will be “beautiful” or “ugly” depending on whether the thoughts were positive or negative.

Also according to Nobel laureate & famous Virologist Luc Montagnier, water is able to duplicate the qualities of any material with which it once interfaced .

In a ground breaking, at Subtle Energy Sciences (SES) water-memory work of Luc Montagnier, he demonstrates how the informational signal of virus DNA can be captured in water and transformed into a digital signal that can be emailed to another computer on the other side of the world. The digital file is received by this distant computer and used to reconstitute the virus DNA in a glass of water.

Albert Einstein said, “There is no place both for the field and matter in this new kind of Quantum Physics, for the field is the only reality.”

Seymon Kirlian, the Russian scientist who invented Kirlian photography, demonstrated using his technique, that all living things are surrounded by a bio-field . ( Aura ) Once we can accept the idea that all bodies have Energy Fields, we can understand how fields are as important as Einstein said, “ The field is the only reality.” This is because the field of the body of plants and animals affects the state of health of that living organism. When a plant or animal is diseased, it has been shown to have a definite affect on the living entity’s bio-field.

Einstein further stated, “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Healing the field is the true way we can heal the body !

Hence it is the key to know how the universal balance of quantum communication works, based on Quantum Physics. Everything transmits and receives information through the field. We live in a vast interconnected universe where everything is teeming with life. Everything is consciousness and invisible connections connect us to everyone and everything.

In the bodies of all plants and animals the DNA in one’s cells transmits and receives signals from DNA in other cells by emitting photons.

Thus the cells exchange signals in the form of light….. called bio-photons. Fritz-Albert Popp, a German biophysicist proved the existence of these bio-photons. All living things, he found, emit light energy including human beings. The human emits light in the visible and invisible spectrums: from infra-red, to red, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet, and ultra-violet.

It has even been stated that the functions of everything experienced by humans and animals from the state of mind, mood, and well being is in fact determined by the field. When an abnormal disruption occurs in the Energy Field of plants or animals, some kind of sickness is bound to follow unless the error or imbalance in the field is corrected.

The root of most disease processes is abnormal inflammation in the physical body. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is a non-specific test that measures inflammation in the body. Rouleaux formation found on a blood smear translates into an increased ESR.

Water Treatments is a procedure by which we program & charge water with positive beneficial frequencies & information. Because water have memory, this positive information & Energies are passed to the cells & Bio-field of Human body when they drink this water.

* Treating Diseases : By the application of Water Treatments we have found miraculous healing & result from reducing pain by causing the body to produce endorphins. In addition it reduces inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes and by enhancing the release of anti-inflammatory enzymes. Lymphatic drainage is enhanced causing increased circulation and reduction of healing time.

For patients, that means relief from acute and chronic pain, reduced inflammation and muscle spasms, improved range of motion and restored function. Some patients notice improvement after the very first treatment, while others may take a few treatments.

On a tissue level, it has been shown that there is an increased collagen and epithelial production, production of new capillaries and an increase in density of the capillary bed, which results in reduction of pain and inflammation and thereby helps to increase the response of the immune system.

Water Treatment reenergizes (re-polarizes) injured cell membranes and increases the mitochondria energy by 150%, which speeds and improves the healing process!

There are 75 trillion cells in a human body and they all need electrons to communicate with each other. Water Treatment directly delivers required electrons and photons directly to the cells and enhances both their ability to communicate with each other and their ability to produce ATP which cells require for optimal functioning.

The Russians in 1965 discovered that a single frequency light can stimulate DNA in damaged cell tissue and they found that infrared, red, and violet wavelengths were the fastest way to regenerate tissue. Recovery from injuries went from ten days down to two days.

* Purification : By the Sprinkling this Water it can be used for purification of places , sites , masses as required , just like Holy Water . This is extensively used in religious places , home & business areas for purification process & to have good conductivity of Positive Energy .

* Protection : By the Sprinkling this Water it can be used for Protection of place or person, just like Holy Water. This is extensively used in religious ceremonies, home & business areas for protection against negative energies / entities & to permeate good conductivity of Positive Energy .

* Blessing : By keeping this water in a Jar or Sprinkling, it can be used for Blessing of place or person, just like Holy Water . This is mainly used by Priests / Saints / Lightworkers / Healers / Shamans Consecrated by them for various religious ceremonies or healing rites, home & business areas to permeate good conductivity of Positive Divine Energy .

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