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Crystal Talisman

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Crystal Talismans have been used in many civilizations throughout history, since back thousands of years, with connections to astrological, scientific, and religious practices,by combination of Crystals ,Yantra & its Geometrical Shapes .

We know that Crystals are living beings having consciousness, constantly vibrating at 32,768Hz , which can receive information / Data & extensively used for day to day life activities .

Recently Scientists from Southampton , use a sophisticated laser, to encode the information into minuscule formations, known as nanostructures, inside fused quartz crystal . They call the data storage 5D, because the information is translated into five different dimensions of the nanostructures — their height, length, width, orientation and position.”

Since long ages, Healers & Shamans infuse required information / Program into the matrix of Crystal thereby able to use it as a Crystal Talisman. Also when Crystals are cut into particular Geometrical Shapes & patterns their properties can be amplified.

One such intricate Geometrical Shape is : Star of David .

Star of David, means in Hebrew Magen David (“Shield of David”) Jewish symbol composed of two overlaid equilateral triangles that form a six-pointed star.

Kabbalists use of the symbol as a protection against evil spirits .

The Star of David Crystals are very advanced precision tools for use in Lightwork and Vibrational Healing , that serves as a Receiver, Amplifier and Transmitter of Universal Life Force energies and also strengthens the bearer’s Aura.

By selection of appropriate Crystal with, Star of David Shape , imbibed with required Yantra , it becomes the most Powerful Spiritual Tool for various applications as :

* For Physical , Emotional , Mental Health problems

* Protection from Evil Spells / Evil Spirits

* Protection from Psychic / Parasitic Attacks

* Protection from EMF Radiations

* Protection from Theft

* Protection from Accidents

* For Abundance & Prosperity

* For Preventing Heart Attacks

* For curing Epilepsy

* For Business Growth

* For Relationship problems

* For getting Married

* For Spiritual Growth & Psychic Abilities

* For Pregnancy problems / Abortion problems

* For Development of Memory & Creative Abilities

* For Infertility problems etc……….

By using Rose Crystal Pendant especially Star of David Heart shape, imbibed with required Yantra , Specifically Programmed & Energized , as per need for a particular person , it acts as a Extended Expanded Tool ( SD Card ) .

Once worn by the person, a process of integration of Crystal Matrix & Human Bodies takes place, becoming a part of that person, helping, guiding, protecting as a separate entity, yet one with that person. Immediately, synchronization of Crystal & Human Aura takes place, as a result the persons Aura becomes Stronger. The stronger the Aura, the more tuned in the Individual is to Source, and the better able they are to conduct Universal Life Force Energy from the Source.

A strong Aura is the best Protection from Unwanted Energies of all kinds, and serves as energetic shield, protecting the bearer from all kinds of other people’s Emotional Debris and Environmental Toxins on the subtle levels 24 hours.

Help your loved ones by this Crystal Talismans as a Protection, helping & guiding in all aspects of Life.

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