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Crystals used for Healing & Spiritual Activities

For centuries, civilizations have valued crystals for their beauty as precious and semiprecious gemstones as well as for the unique vibrational energies within each crystal that can help facilitate healing for the body, mind, and spirit.

The use of crystals for healing reemerged about 40 years ago and continues to gain popularity as an Energetic Healing Modality.

According to physicist Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Energy is where the secrets of crystal healing lie.

Crystals are natural elements that come from the Earth. A true crystal has an organized grouping of unit cells that forms a unique lattice pattern called a crystal system.

As with all other matter, crystals have their own vibration. The human body also has its own vibration and is subject to entrainment when it comes in contact with other vibrations. So, when you work with crystals, they can change your own body, mind, and spirit energies through entrainment; the crystal’s vibration may change a little, as well. Because crystals generally have higher vibrations than the human body, they tend to raise your vibration. Vibrating at a higher rate is helpful for humans because it allows us to advance spiritually and move in more positive directions mentally, physically, and emotionally.

If you look at a natural crystal clairvoyantly, you can see small sparks of light inside. The sparks or points of light are sparks of consciousness. This is a very basic form of consciousness , hence widely used for Spiritual Healing Activities .

A crystal is a subtle energy condenser. This means that it can absorb, store, project and focus subtle energies.

Crystals can store energy, and they can transfer these energies to us. You’ll need to charge the crystals with the kind of energy you need & Programming / giving them a command or a job to do. You’re customizing your crystals according to your needs so that they can give you the results you want. In addition to that, setting your intentions and charging your crystals will help you self-reflect and connect with yourself. USES OF CRYSTALS :


Humans are naturally intuitive, although many of us get so wrapped up in the busyness of our daily lives that we fail to listen to the flashes of insight we receive. You can use crystals to help you focus on the guidance of your inner voice.


If you’re struggling to get your life moving in the right direction, meditation, affirmation, and visualization in conjunction with the use of crystals can help focus the energy you need to bring about a desired change. This is a powerful way to direct your energy in a positive direction.


Sometimes when we experience emotional trauma, we can create self-protective emotional blockages that prevent us from moving forward in our lives. Working with the right crystals can help clear away these emotional blocks, allowing us to move forward.


Many people use crystals for cleansing and clearing away negative energy from spaces or negative thought patterns from people. When I’ve had a negative experience in my home, I use crystals to cleanse the area and provide protection against future negativity.


I work with several crystals nearby in my workspace because my job requires a lot of creative thought and movement. By strategically placing crystals in your workspace, you can create an energetic environment that enables you to think and problem solve in a creative manner.


Supported by the cosmos and by the higher intelligence who dwell among us on all planes, Crystals are used to transmute and transform our negative karmic patterns.


When your chakras are blocked, using a crystal that vibrates at the appropriate frequency can help clear the blockage, restoring normal energy flow throughout your body. This can help heal a number of spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical problems that may arise as a result of the blockage.

To use the crystals, lie on your back with your eyes closed and the crystal placed on or touching the corresponding chakra. Visualize the color of the chakra, with energy flowing freely through the chakra.

When a crystal is placed directly on a chakra, the chakra becomes activated. If you ask a clairvoyant to look at the chakra, it becomes bigger, rotates faster and has more energy.


Another way to amplify the power of crystals for healing is by using crystal grids. While using a single crystal is an effective way to modulate energy, using multiple crystals in a grid increases the power exponentially.

Crystal grids are a group of crystals placed in a geometric pattern in a chosen area, such as a tabletop, and programmed with intention to spark healing. To create a crystal grid, you need a minimum of four crystals, although some grids have more.

Crystal grids can be created to amplify the power of the crystals, to protect or cleanse spaces, or to direct healing toward someone else. The center stone is typically larger than the rest, with smaller stones in a geometric pattern around the center stone.

We use two types Crystal Grids for our clients : PROSPERITY & ABUNDANCE GRID and LOVE & RELATIONSHIP GRID .

Crystal like ; Garnet, hematite, red calcite, red jasper, obsidian, Amber, carnelian, orange calcite, Amber, citrine , topaz, yellow tigers eye, yellow zircon, Emerald, green calcite, rose quartz, celestite, iolite, lapis, sodalite, Amethyst, sugilite, tanzanite, Clear quartz, moonstone, are used in various shapes & quantity for Spiritual Healing processes .

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