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The Importance of Salt Water Baths

The Importance of Salt Water Baths !!!

“Sea water or water with salt is very effective in removing diseased energy from the energy body. The water-with-salt treatment will substantially clean the energy body and gradually strengthen the body and its defence system. Although this treatment is simple, it is quite effective and therefore should be taken seriously.” – MCKS

This treatment has to be done once or twice a day because the energy body becomes dirty again after a while or a day. This is also why the treatment has to be done daily or thrice a week for at least several months, or for a lifetime.

The importance of Etheric Hygiene :

Imagine a person who has never taken a bath in his life. He wears new clothes everyday but never takes a bath ever. His clothes might look good but he will still stink. Physically, the surface of his body surface will be filled with dirt and germs and his own dead cells. No amount of deodorant or perfume will disguise the odor.

This disgusting phenomenon gets replicated in his aura as well when we do not take salt bath regularly.

An ordinary bath cleanses only the physical body but the aura literally stinks.

Clairvoyantly seen, it is filled with greyish energies and pent up thoughts and emotions. Some people are sensitive to smell (clairscent) and they can smell the energy body as being foul and unpleasant. Perhaps this is how the old phrase “to smell a rat” originated, when referring to an untrustworthy person. If a person cannot be trusted to take a bath daily, they probably cannot be trusted to handle more serious responsibilities.

A salt water shower :

Take a handful of regular salt or fine salt. If you want you can add a few drops of tea tree and lavender oil to the salt. Take a normal bath. Then, when your body is still damp, rub the salt all over the body from head to toe, especially on the armpits, both arms, the spleen chakra, front and back solar plexus chakras, and the perineum chakra.

Some people might have an allergic reaction if the salt is applied on the face. If it suits you, you can apply it on your face gently. Keep the salt on your body for 3 minutes – this is very important. After that you may wash off the salt from your body, and continue with your regular shower.

The most important part is keeping the salt on the body for 3 minutes before washing it away.

This allows enough time for the salt to disintegrate and extract a lot of dirty energies from the aura before washing it off.

Some people, due to a lack of time, dissolve the salt in a bucket of water and just pour the water over their body. While this is better than not taking a salt bath at all, it has its limitations.

For instance, when you want to apply soap on your body, do you dissolve the soap in the water and then pour the suds all over yourself? That isn’t particularly effective. You need to really apply the soap on your body for it to have its cleansing effect.

That’s why rubbing the fine salt on the body is recommended for maximum effect.

In some cases, when extra purification is desired, a salt bath can be further enhanced by mixing it with coffee.

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